Searching for the Perfect Rosé

24 Oct

It has been just over two years since Max first moved to Australia and I think it’s fair to say that he loves it. The variety of food, the lifestyle, the climate (well maybe not Melbourne’s winter), the standard of living – he pretty much loves everything about Australia with one notable exception. Our rosé.

Australian rosé tends to be heavier in body, darker in colour and sweeter in taste than the French version. And whilst some retailers do stock the Côtes de Provence variety that Max prefers, in the spirit of his adoptive country he’s searching for a wine that is Australian in origin, but French in style. And it has been no easy task.

We did find one such wine at Il Solito Posto, but (rather typically) we didn’t write down the name. And so, when I heard that there was a French winemaker in the Yarra Valley, noted for his rosé, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

Dominique Portet occupies a beautiful spot of land, complete with inviting outdoor tables and sprawling vineyard views. We had a great time sampling their wines, but alas the rosé was a product of their Australian market, and so was too heavy for Max’s tastes. But we were pleasantly surprised to find a delicious Chardonnay (neither of us are usually fans), and an exceptional Sauvignon Blanc, which we declared immediately the wine to accompany our picnic. Their dessert wine also offered a surprising freshness that was missing at De Bortoli, and I could easily imagine sharing a glass with family over the festive season.

As much as we wished to linger on the beautiful, sun soaked property, we still had some bits and pieces to buy for our picnic, so regretfully, we continued along our way…

Wine glass image courtesy of Claude-Olivier Marti on Flickr.
Dominique Portet bottle tree image courtesy of Yortw on Flickr.


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  1. Bulong Estate « paris in my pocket - December 10, 2012

    […] The terrace wasn’t set for dinner (I assume as a result of the chilly evening), but it was easy to imagine lengthy wine-soaked lunches spent here overlooking the vines. Indeed, Bulong Estate is a winery, first and foremost, so we weren’t all that surprised to find their wine list contained only their own product. Strangely though, they did not offer any beers, or any sparkling wine. When we enquired about the latter, we were offered an expensive bottle of French champagne (a seemingly recurring theme over this weekend!) but we had to politely decline as a) we felt it was overpriced and b) Max was driving, and whilst I do enjoy the odd glass of champagne or two, taking responsibility for the lion’s share of a bottle was a big ask. Instead, we both opted for a glass of their home grown wine, for me, the Fumé Blanc (a sauvignon varietal), and Max, the house Rosé (and the search continues..). […]

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