Marriage, Maldives and More…

20 Aug

Pen to Paper Media


It’s been a long time between drinks on here. In the last month I’ve been in four different countries, eaten more dodgy plane food than anyone reasonably should and consumed a great many more passionfruit mojitos than I care to count.


It’s been a busy time what with Wedding 2.0 and all, but also a highly relaxing time, with ten days spent luxuriating in the Maldives on our long awaited honeymoon.


With all that snorkelling, sunbathing (beneath six layers of Banana Boat Extra Strength 30+), cocktail drinking, buffet bingeing and general doing-what-i-like-ness, you’d expect the return to reality to be a shock to the system. Indeed, I’ve written (okay, whinged) about post-holiday blues before. And yet, I find myself feeling inexpressibly happy as I tap out this blog post, while sitting on a rattly old government bus on my way home after an 8pm finish.


But why, I hear you…

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